A Christmas Poem

A Christmas Poem

The children have loved verse speaking this term. With the Christmas season upon us, some Year 6 boys decided to write their own poem about the Christmas story. We hope you enjoy it.




One day Caesar called a decree

He expected everyone to take a knee

To bow down to him and pay their due

A bad idea, everyone knew. 


The streets were crowded, people everywhere

Bethlehem they were heading, census to be taken there

Mary and Joseph heading into town

Not knowing their baby would one day wear a crown.


The young couple knocked on every door

Everyone replied, “No room anymore!” 

Until at last, they found a stable

No bed, no chairs, not even a table. 


Out in the fields, sheep were grazing

The sky lit up, it was amazing! 

Angels filled up the dark night 

The shepherds were shocked by the sight.


The angels said, “Do not fear!

This is a wonderful message you need to hear. 

Go to the stable and visit the child. 

You will find him meek and mild.”


Travelling from far out of town

Three wise men each wearing a crown

Saw the star shining bright

Which they followed through the night. 


On arrival, they gave frankincense, myrrh and gold

To Joseph, gifts which he would hold. 

Bowing down to worship the king in the cradle, 

Jesus, Saviour of the World, is able…


To love the world as the prophets foretold

To serve many, his mission was bold. 

At Christmas time, Jesus’ birth we share, 

Merry Christmas to all, everywhere!