Civilization Showcase

Civilization Showcase

Year 5 and 6 had so much fun in project afternoon last half term creating our own sustainable civilizations. They were encouraged to think about how the civilization could thrive using the natural resources on the island. They designed maps of the islands, created laws and a history of how it was founded. At the end of the unit they presented their civilisations in a showcase where teachers, parents and other children from Years 4, 5 and 6 could come and look at their projects. This gave lots of opportunity for questions to be asked, food to be sampled, games to be played and interviews to be listened to.

Here are some thoughts from Year 6 on what they thought about other pupils projects:  

'The girls’ fashion ideas were very innovative'

'I was really impressed by the group which had built a website for the island'

'There were some excellent games created that local children might play!' 

'The maps were really detailed'

'I enjoyed tasting the local foods which had been cleverly made'

And another quote from a parent to add to the blog I sent; 

'It was great to see such a varied and well thought out display. I was impressed by the range of material the children had produced, from flags to anthems and even computer games! They had obviously enjoyed the challenge and it was a brilliant way to showcase their skills and creativity.'