Maths Week 2019

Maths Week 2019

LCS enjoyed celebrating all things mathematical last week. A good number of children took up the challenge to create a maths related poster and these have been displayed around school for everyone to see. Congratulations to the winner in Year 1, whose poster can be found below. 

The maths lessons taught by Pearl class have been a huge highlight. A group of Year 6 children 'took over' the other classes during one of their maths lessons and organised a carousel of activities, related to the week's maths objective. Teachers and pupils were all highly impressed by the quality of the activities produced by the Year 6 children, as you can see from the feedback below: 

"That was the best maths lesson I've ever had!" 

"The Jasper class children certainly enjoyed the activities, their learning and their time with the older children."  

"The Year 6 pupils had obviously put thought and time into their ideas for their activities and were very encouraging and kind in their attitude as the children worked with them."

"Thank you so much for coming to teach us in Onyx class today! We loved your games and appreciate the time you spent making them for us! You've taken Maths Week to the next level!!"