Year 6 Art

Year 6 Art

This term in art, Year 6 has been learning about neo pop realism and still-life art. Two Year 6 pupils report on how the class created their own Still Life fruit pictures, on a neo pop background.

First you have to get a bowl of fruit to sketch and then paint. Then you have to make your background and table, both of which are created out of different black and white patterns (we used permanent markers to do this.) Then outline and cut out your bowl of fruit, adding extra detail to the fruit with black pen. Finally, choose where to stick the bowl on your table - then you have your finished painting!

One of the challenges which we faced was the numerous different ways of creating the patterns and it took us a while to design our own. These patterns were used for the table and the wall in the background of the picture. What I (Gabriel) found most enjoyable was painting the fruit pot and putting the patterns on the fruit. Everyone enjoyed the neo pop realism and we hope we get to do it again and we would recommend other people try it if they have a chance.

These pictures show work by Year 6 at different stages:

Blog entry and photos by Mihajlo and Gabriel in Y6