• Fish of April!

    date posted: 01/04/21

    In French, the children in years 3 to 6 have been learning about the tradition of the 'Poisson d'Avril', the 'Fish of April' or, as we know it, April Fool's Day.


  • Making machines... Year 2 investigates!

    date posted: 24/03/21

    Last week, Year 2 followed a set of instructions they had written themselves to make playdough. They had to identify the features of recipes and non-fiction instruction texts before writing their own playdough recipes. 

    This week, Year 2 have finished their topic on forces by making simple machines to make work easy. We designed and then made levers, pulleys and wheeled vehicles to lift heavy loads onto the roof for a new roof playground.  They consolidated their knowledge of pivots, push and pull forces and making work easy through this hands-on activity.









  • Moon and Stars and Hearts!

    date posted: 15/03/21

    Year 2 enjoyed making a moon and star decoration to supplement their learning on Islam and Ramadan in their Project Afternoon. 

    Year 5 were learning about the heart in Science, and had fun dissecting a pig's heart. They identified the different parts of the heart and investigated how the blood flows in and out of each chamber. 


  • Extreme Reading

    date posted: 05/03/21

    The House cup goes to WILBERFORCE!


    Miss Vivyan's challenge this week was "Extreme Reading"
    Thank you so much for all your entries to Extreme Reading (and for the many others I have received over the last 8 weeks). There were so many excellent photographs: reading on clouds, reading upside down, in the bath, in wardrobes, on the dinner table, on bikes, up trees and many more. I could not decide who should win, so instead I gave everyone who entered 10 house points! The photos will be displayed at school for you to see—here are a few of them...



  • The Funniest Silly Face

    date posted: 29/01/21

    The House cup this week goes to....  LATIMER!

    Miss Vivyan's challenge was 'The Funniest Silly Face', which proved to be very amusing!  Here are some of the winners and runners up...


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