• Lego Tower Challenge

    date posted: 31/03/20

    The House cup this week goes to... WILBERFORCE!

    These are the winners of Miss Vivyan's weekly challenge (as well as a few other towers). Look out for the next Miss Vivyan challenge!

  • Football and Cross Country

    date posted: 12/03/20

    Cross Country

    Cross country was a blast! The children ran well and represented the school with great integrity.  The children showed resilience and performed at a high level even with the poor weather conditions. We had three first place finishers as well as a second and third place finish. Well done to everyone!

    Football Tournament

    The London Christian School boys played well at Crystal Palace. They may not have achieved the result they wanted within the tournament but they represented the school well and competed with great effort and attitude. We played in seven matches and there were a total of 17 other schools at the tournament. The team valued the experience and were happy to attend. Thank you all for the ongoing support with sport at LCS. 

  • Civilization Showcase

    date posted: 04/03/20

    Year 5 and 6 had so much fun in project afternoon last half term creating our own sustainable civilizations. They were encouraged to think about how the civilization could thrive using the natural resources on the island. They designed maps of the islands, created laws and a history of how it was founded. At the end of the unit they presented their civilisations in a showcase where teachers, parents and other children from Years 4, 5 and 6 could come and look at their projects. This gave lots of opportunity for questions to be asked, food to be sampled, games to be played and interviews to be listened to.

    Here are some thoughts from Year 6 on what they thought about other pupils projects:  

    'The girls’ fashion ideas were very innovative'

    'I was really impressed by the group which had built a website for the island'

    'There were some excellent games created that local children might play!' 

    'The maps were really detailed'

    'I enjoyed tasting the local foods which had been cleverly made'

    And another quote from a parent to add to the blog I sent; 

    'It was great to see such a varied and well thought out display. I was impressed by the range of material the children had produced, from flags to anthems and even computer games! They had obviously enjoyed the challenge and it was a brilliant way to showcase their skills and creativity.'

  • RAF trip

    date posted: 10/02/20

    Years 5 and 6 had a fantastic time at the RAF museum. The air raid workshop was brilliant - it was very interactive and the children really enjoyed learning about life in London during the Blitz. The simulation air raid was a very realistic experience which helped them think through what it might have been like. It was great to be able to spend time in the museum afterwards and find out about such a great variety of WW1 and 2 planes. Here are a few thoughts from some of the Year 6 children: 

    "I really enjoyed when the air raid siren sounded and we had to hide in the air raid shelter." Faithia

    "I liked trying on the RAF uniforms and finding out what the different symbols on the coats stood for." Kitty

    "I found the workshop about life in London during the Blitz really interesting. I thought it was fun learning through role play." Lara

    "I liked seeing all the planes. I particularly liked going in the WW1 hanger and seeing the triplanes." Moses

    "I loved seeing all the different types and sizes of planes." Vicky

    "The films were thrilling and fact-filled and I've learnt lots more about the Blitz." Max

    "I enjoyed being able to walk under the planes and reading the signs and learning what they had been used for." Dom

  • Toilet Twinning

    date posted: 04/02/20

    The School Council has been leading an initiative to raise money for toilet-twinning. This is a charity which builds toilets and provides hygiene education in some of the world's poorest countries. The money we raise is destined for Cox’s Bazar, the world's biggest refugee camp, which is in Bangladesh.

    Through assemblies, displays and PSHE lessons we have learnt about the importance of having clean toilets and access to water. This has given children motivation to raise money for this cause. 

    Money has been raised through a ‘Blue for the Loo’ dress up day and a sponsored run. The children put in an impressive effort with a couple even managing 6km in 30 minutes! We will announce the total raised in due course.

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