• Lego Tower Challenge

    date posted: 31/03/20

    The House cup this week goes to... WILBERFORCE!

    These are the winners of Miss Vivyan's weekly challenge (as well as a few other towers). Look out for the next Miss Vivyan challenge!

  • ETA Schools Award

    date posted: 20/03/19

    We are delighted to announce that London Christian School have recently received the Educational Technology Association (ETA) Schools Award. We are one of the first schools in the country to achieve this. The ETA Schools Award is designed to 'celebrate those schools, which effectively use Ed Tech to improve learning, make learning creative and joyous, and provide learning which prepares pupils for life where Ed Tech is everywhere'. The children and staff are thrilled about this achievement and we look forward to sharing our journey with other schools in the future.

  • World Book Day

    date posted: 12/03/19

    We loved World Book Day last week. Can you guess what characters the teachers dressed up as?

  • Micro:bit

    date posted: 27/11/18

    This week in Code Club we enjoyed working for the first time with the BBC Micro:bit. There's been a lot of excitement about them in secondary schools across the country and we can see why. We've started programming them to do a few different things already and are really looking forward to seeing what more we can create with these great little bits of kit. 

  • Christmas Market 2018

    date posted: 19/11/18

    Saturday 17 November saw another very successful London Christian School (LCS) Christmas Market. It was a fitting final market for Anne David who has helped organise these for the past seven years. The crypt at St George's was teeming with LCS families as well as local stall holders and shoppers. London Christian School’s teachers enjoyed making crafts with the children, pupils sold their own wares on their enterprise stall, LCS parents made mountains of delicious food and contributed gifts for the wonderful hampers. We were treated to some lovely singing by the LCS choir and it was all-in-all a great way to raise funds for the school, have a happy time together and to kick off the Christmas season. Thank you so much to Anne David and Linda Allcock for all their behind-the scenes organising. 

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