Blogging for change

In Year 1 we have been learning about Blogs. We made a checklist of what to include in a Blog after visiting the LCS Blog online. We decided we needed to include: the date, a title, who it’s by, an explanation, questions, a chatty style, facts, quotes and pictures. We hope you enjoy it!

May 2022 Recycling at school by Year 1 In Year 1 we love to recycle. We recycle our crisp and popcorn packets. The eco council helped us start to do this. We do this to help the environment. The crisp packets are sent away and made into something else. Do you recycle at school or at home? Rafa, from the eco-council says: “I like to recycle bottles and paper too!” Reif, Year 1: “Recycling is important because you don’t want to get anything stuck in an animal's nose in the ocean.” In Tabard Gardens we help to pick up litter with litter pickers. Winnie reminded us “Don’t drop plastic bags because animals might accidentally eat them and get sick.” There are lots of ways to recycle. When you see a Year 1 around school, can you tell them how else you recycle?