Cycling to school

Nowadays, we see more and more people taking to the streets cycling. It's a great way to get fit and a better option for transport. But what does it feel like from the cyclist's point of view?

I cycle to school most mornings from Clapham North, a good trek to wake me up in the morning and to look forward to in the afternoons. I love cycling because it is a really fun and enjoyable way to keep fit and to get to places! It is also very rewarding afterwards and makes you feel good. Being cycled to school when I was young gave me an easy transition into actually cycling to school although I think, even if you don't really do it or aren't very good at it, I would highly recommend getting in it!

Speaking to Martin who also cycles to school. He said,"It makes me energetic in the morning. It is also quite easy as there is a direct route from my house to LCS." Eddie, Martin's brother, said that it was really good to be able to cycle to school and that he would recommend it to everyone."

Next half-term, Year 6 will be having a bike-ability course which will be a great opportunity for other students to try out cycling. Most people are looking forward to it as an opportunity to try out a new thing, which is always great!

Cycling on roads can be dangerous at times but mostly, if you stick to what you are meant to do, it can be great fun. In most roads, there are cycle lanes which are drawn out especially for cyclists.