Webber Street

Webber Street

Today Year 6 went to visit the Webber St Day Centre to take the sleeping bags that we bought with the money raised on Christmas Jumper Day. One of the staff showed us lots of photos and told us about day-to-day life at the centre, and then he answered our questions. We also had a tour of the centre. Here are some facts we found out: 

- 33 cans of baked beans are served daily at breakfast.

- Clarks donate shoes to them.

- Most female guests they have ever had in a day is five.

- It costs £1500 a day to run the centre (and they don’t get any funding from the Government).

- Guests are allowed to have one shower a week (and collect clean clothing).

- Guests don’t have to make any donations because everything that they are given has been donated to the centre.

We are planning to do an assembly so we can tell the other children what we have found out and we hope LCS can help Webber Street a bit more in the future.

This post was written by Year 6




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