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At LCS, we strive to instil a love of learning that goes beyond timetabled classes. Pupils are encouraged to participate in a number of groups provided free of charge during school hours, as well as in specialist activity clubs which are run after school during term times.

In-School Groups focus on developing a particular skill over an academic year, to complement and enhance other learning. Groups provide tailored instruction and supervision for any pupil that would like to sign up. Currently, we have groups for choir (Y4-6), middle distance running, football, recorder, verse speaking (Y3-6) and for chess (Y1-6).

After School Clubs run after school every day until 5.30pm (term time only) and consist of specialised Activity Clubs and Every Day Club ‘wraparound’ care. They exist to provide an opportunity for extended learning and skill development as well as for dedicated supervision and care for parents who require a later pick-up.

Activity Clubs seek to provide links to the school curriculum and develop areas such as creativity and motor skills. The programme for activity clubs is set at the beginning of the school year and seeks to provide an enriching variety of pursuits catering for small groups of pupils to achieve appropriate focus and personal development. They run after school every day till 4.30pm (5pm on Fridays). Each club makes use of the expertise of our staff team and has been designed to be specific to the age range of the pupils.


Every Day Club provides after school care consistent with the standards and ethos of our school. It runs after school every day until 5.30pm and incorporates a time for supervised homework for Y1-6 (4.30-5.30pm).

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