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ISI Inspection Report:

Our aims

We exist to provide an excellent Christian education for children in London. 

Our Vision

We will develop your child as an individual within a nurturing environment shaped by our Christian ethos that is kind, academically ambitious, full of co-curricular opportunities and which encourages each child to think for themselves and to serve others.


Christian ethos

We believe that every area of school life should be informed and distinctively shaped by our Christian foundation. Your child will be taught the Christian faith and witness it lived out within our community. Children of all faiths and none are warmly welcome. Your child will be encouraged to explore, develop and share their own beliefs and values in an open, respectful environment. 


Whatever their starting point, our aim is for your child to reach their full potential.



We treat everyone as an individual with their own strengths and needs. We help each child to achieve academic excellence and to grow in their unique personality.   



We focus on five values at London Christian School, but kindness is the pervading atmosphere in which your child will be immersed. The expectation will be that they give as well as receive kindness in word and deed. Staff will embody kindness in their interactions with your child and with each other. 


Academically ambitious

From a non-selective intake we achieve the best results for your child to progress to their next choice of school. 


We are not only about preparing for these assessments. We encourage excellent learning habits throughout each child’s school life. From the moment your child arrives, we aim to find out their strengths and gifts (academic or otherwise) and to encourage and develop these. 


Co-curricular opportunities

We offer a range of opportunities designed to expand the personal development of your child including taking advantage of our central London location, extra curricular clubs, sporting activities and use of technology.

Think for themselves

We take time to ensure each child understands the knowledge they receive so that they can make up their own minds and use information wisely and creatively.  



We encourage every child to develop an awareness of the interests of others. This is closely linked to kindness, but we will create opportunities for all ages to serve the school and wider community. 

"The Christian ethos underpinning and running through the school is clearly understood and appreciated by pupils who value the caring community to which they belong.  Pupils showed that they are thoughtful and deeply respectful of other viewpoints and beliefs."

"Pupils have a strong sense of service and make excellent contributions to the life of the school and to the wider community."


ISI Inspection Report, December 2022

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