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Characteristics of learning

Learning is not simply about adding to the knowledge bank. It is about 'learning how to learn', even for the youngest children.

At LCS we focus on instilling the following five Characteristics of Learning. Excellent technological provision enables this to happen in unique ways. Pupils are introduced to and taught about the Characteristics of Learning in lessons and assemblies along with their associated age-appropriate questions and catchphrases. Regular discussion and reminders help to embed this knowledge and enable pupils to utilise these skills in school and life beyond LCS. 

LCS Characteristics of Learning.PNG


"Thank you for helping me"

 Opportunity to help   

Be a “Do Join In” person

"Let’s do this together" 


"I can see a pattern"

"That’s like something I have learned before in…"


How can I show this information in the best way?

What’s the best way to get this done?

Have I got everything I need?

Have I organised my revision timetable?


"It’s tricky, but I’ll try"

"Yay for challenge!"

"Can I keep going even when something is hard?"

"What motivates me?"


Feedback chat

"It’s tricky, but I’ll try"

"It’s ok to make mistakes"

"Thank you for helping me"

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