Y5/6 Science Museum trip

Y5/6 Science Museum Trip

Two days into Summer 1, Years 5 and 6 went on a well-earnt trip to the Science Museum. Everyone was excited to see the IMAX and learn about the digestive system in a workshop called It Takes Guts.

Around Christmas time, Years 5 and 6 did an enterprise project. We made some money, and had to decide what to do with it. The teachers, after a vote, decided to go to IMAX, and with the leftover money, book a workshop. At about nine-thirty in the morning, we left for London Bridge Station. At Westminster, we changed from the Jubilee line to the District line. We soon arrived and had some long-awaited snacks. Then the time to go into the museum came. As we entered the IMAX, we were all awed by the size of the screen. It was as tall as four London Buses! We watched Antarctica, a film about, yep, you guessed it, Antarctica.A fact we all were amazed by, was the fact that the Southern Ocean, and all the life in it, absorbs as much Carbon Dioxide as two Amazon Rainforests. It made us all realise how important the Antarctic is to the ecosystem.

I think all of us were looking forward to investigating the digestive system, but we certainly weren’t expecting what we got. Whilst looking at the experiment in real life, we also saw inside of one of the science museum’s staff’s digestive systems with footage recorded by a camera. I think all of us enjoyed the trip, and it’s safe to say that the money was well spent.

Here’s what some of the pupils said:

Ameer: 'It was very informative'

Daniel: 'It was really interesting to see life in the Antarctic'

Seth: 'I liked watching the penguins poo!'